Thing 14: Podcasts

I have been listening to Stuff You Should Know the podcast. I think podcasts can be useful to me as they help me gain really random facets of knowledge. The long episodes means they are perfect for roadtrips and can act like a radio almost, but you can select what you would like to listen to! The option to queue podcasts is useful as well, which means they can be streamed seamlessly. The variety and options to choose from mean there is something for everyone’s taste – really good for travelling and long journeys!

Thing 13: Video

With Youtube, I have learnt you can make a video, queue a video to watch later, add it to a playlist and that it also has a range of accessibility options for the impaired, such as closed captioning (although often these were not very accurate). Regardless, it showed that time has been spent to make YouTube a platform that can benefit a large majority of people – especially children, with its clear interface and “Play Next” options. I can imagine that this can lead people to spend hours on the website – which can be surprisingly addictive.

Thing 10: Wikimedia

I have learnt that all contributions on Wikimedia are under a free Creative Commons license and so can be freely used under this license. I learnt it was a transparent organisation that shared its financial information, board meeting minutes and outcomes – which is very unusual for a sizeable company! I understood that Wikipedia comes under one of these projects, and begun to appreciate the amount of effort, time, organisation and transparency that is undertaken to share this content with the rest of the world.

Thing 9: Google Hang Out

I was a little freaked out by how easy it is to set up a hang out – at first, I did not understand you can privately call people and thought it could also be accessible by everyone. The website is very minimal and easy to navigate –  it looked attractive and sharp, which I think would add to the experience of using it. However, I did not have any contacts to call so could not experiment with this function! It also seems slightly unnecessary with the likes of FaceTime and FB Messenger as competition!

Thing 8: Facebook

I am a part of a facebook group with everyone in my year – I would now consider using it more because of the event sharing function that can be used within the group. This makes it easier to organise and find events but also ensures no-one is left out when planning – everyone can be easily invited. The private function also works well for this reason as it can be limited to just the people in the group.

Thing 7: Twitter

I was surprised by how much content can be accessed on Twitter: I could search for specific key words or hashtags easily and find everyone’s opinion about an unlimited amount of subjects. It was also comforting to see that accounts can be made private however… It made me think about how useful Twitter can be for journalists, in positive and negative ways – especially how easily it seems you can take things out of context.

Thing 23: Reflection

I really enjoyed the more hands-on “Things” such as playing Pokemon Go, or downloading BitMoji’s and Snapchat – the Things that had a bit more personality and fun. I can understand that some of the more technical Things are necessary, but it was very enjoyable and entertaining to work through some of the more lighthearted elements.

I thought the questions selected for the blogposts were extremely thought provoking and well-chosen. If I could change anything I would make them a bit more specific, or feature some more multi-part questions, particularly with a focus on how we felt – some emotion based questions.

The blogging aspect was very chill and it felt gratifying to have your own site for your own musings – it was also accessible to see what other people were working on which was helpful sometimes for inspiration!

Overall, it’s been a fascinating journey and I feel like my digital skills have improved somewhat – definitely in exploring new platforms and ways to push but also challenge my digital presence.